Painting with Oils

Here is a  replica I created of Monet’s “Irises in Claude Monet’s Garden”. It’s a study with complimentary colors, light, with thick paint strokes. I use palette knives from start to finish. Each stroke has a meaning from within.

Impressionist Painting Study by Marlene M. Krueger

Study by Marlene M. Krueger of Monet’s Irises

Close-up painting of the study for Monet's Impressionist painting.

Painting of a study for Monet’s Iris Garden as rendered by Marlene M. Krueger

I also paint with various lighting effects outdoors, “en Plein Air”.

Marlene Krueger painting at a calle lily valley by the beach at sunset

Painting an Outdoor Scene Big Sur

Until then,

Marlene Krueger

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